How we do it?

The SIRPA approach consists of a Recovery Programme for pain and chronic conditions, custom-designed for the individual

Designed specifically for you, based on the latest advances in Neurosciences and Pain Sciences, allowing you to progressively regain confidence in yourself and leave chronic pain behind, with the assurance that it is not going to recur because it addresses the root cause.

A full understanding of the concept is required before proceeding with this self-empowering approach in order to be able achieve the best results when applying the understanding and strategies in your quest to become pain free.

All this can be added to the medical treatment you are already receiving, because this approach does not mean having to choose but rather to integrate, which explains the effectiveness of the results with our patients.

Always consult your doctor in order to rule out an infection, cancer, fractures and autoimmune disorders before calling us.

The Program:

Step 1

Contact me via e-mail or by telephone to express your interest, and to respond to or clarify what you need (prices, hours, etc.) to continue forward.

Step 2

I will send you a questionnaire by e-mail (or you can pass by the clinic to pick it up) to provide an in-depth assessment which you will send me when it is filled out. Simultaneously you will read certain articles and view videos in order to gain a full understanding of this approach.

Step 3

We will have a 90-minute consultation (face to face, by telephone or Skype) to go over the data compiled in your assessment forms. From this a recovery program will be designed, tailored especially to you, which will address the most important issues that generate physical or emotional stress in your life.  You will also be taught techniques and strategies that will help you listen to the symptoms and release the emotional and/or physical load that is underlying them.

The treatment may possibly include gentle touches on the back (biospinology) or joints (osteopathy) which may be required to help the nervous system regulate itself. (This cannot be done with remote consultations).

There may be circumstances when a referral to another therapist is recommended if it is thought they might be able to offer you expert and specific support in certain areas, as part of your healing process.

Step 4

Periodically review by e-mail or by telephone as you progress through the program.

Step 5

Fifty-minute follow-up consultations (face to face, by telephone or Skype) at an agreed time to review your progress.

N.B. The program can be carried out in person or remotely.